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Baikal Lake

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Baikal Lake

Baikal Lake is located on the border of Irkutsk region and Buryatia republic. It is the seventh largest lake in the world by surface area. In addition, the lake amazes by its flora and fauna. There is more than 27 islands. There are towns Slyudyanka and Baykalsk on the coast of the Lake.

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Water in Baikal is such pure, that you can see the stones on the lake bottom at 40 meters. Epischura baikalensis is a “Baikal filter”. The crayfish epischura inhabits only Baikal territory. Except this creature, more than 1000 endemic species (species being unique to a defined geographic location) inhabit Baikal. The large oxygen concentration in the lake determines such diversity of living organisms.



is considered the tourist center of the lake Baikal. Despite the status of village, there are many interesting landmarks here. You can get acquainted with the nature of the lake and Baikal area in Baikal Museum of Irkutsk Scientific Center, or observe celestial bodies in Baikal Astrophysical Observatory. There is Shaman-stone near Listvyanka, the ancient rites were performed here many years ago, now it is considered to be a reserved place.


Circum-Baikal Railway

You can enjoy beautiful sights from the window of the train, coming from Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude on the Circum-Baikal Railway (part of Trans-Siberian Railway).

In 17 kilometers there is Cherskogo peak – the highest point of Baikal territory, its height is 2090 meters above sea level. Anyone who wants can climb the mountain without special equipment.

Sandy Bay

is the Shangri-la on the Baikal coast. This place is attractive for its peacefulness and unusual mix of sand, rocks and forest. The famous “walking trees” grows here. The Sightseeing Rock offers the picturesque view of the bay.

Olkhon Island

named “the heart of Baikal”. It is the largest island on the lake. Shaman’s rock (Shamanka) is the most famous landmark of the island. Many years ago, ancient people offered sacrifices to the spirits of Baikal here. Now, this place is the one of the most sacred places in Asia, many interesting legends related to Shamanka.

Cape Khoboy

One of the most significative places of Olkhon is cape Khoboy, the northern tip of the island. From there you can enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Baikal. From Buryat language its name translates as «Fang.»

Like all cult sites Khoboy covered with legends of Buryat people. On a clear day from the cape you can see the mountainous contour of eastern shore of Lake Baikal.

Small Sea Strait

Strait is the region between the western coast of the lake and Olkhon. There are many rocky islands in the strait. A plenty of sand beaches, an opportunity to live on the wild side of Baikal and good fishing are attractive for vacationers.

Baikal seal lives in the north of Baikal, it is another one unique representative of the animal world. You can see them on the rookeries of the Ushkan Islands, where they crawl out to the sun.

Chivyrkuysky bay is another popular place for the rest. Trophy fishing allowed here. The coves are full of perch, pike and common rudd.

Besides, there are many thermal spring on the Chivyrkuysky bay.

The longest sand beach of Baikal situated on the coasts of Barguzin bay. In summer water warms up to 22⁰C (71,6 F).

Few people know that Baikal Deep Underwater Neutrino Telescope installed on the bottom of the lake. Depth, purity and temperature of Baikal are perfect for high-energy particles detection.