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Kazan is the one of biggest Russian cities with millennial history. It stands on the left coast of Volga River near the Kazanka River flows into the Volga. In 2005 city celebrated its millennium. In 2013 Summer Universiade was held here. There are many conferences and sport competitions take place in Kazan.
More than 100 years ago Volga Bulgaria was located here, later formpost was built to provide the security of this settlement from Varnagians. Thus, the Kazan was founded.

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In 1468 Khan Ulu-Muhammed captured Kazan and made it the capital of Kazan Khanate. In 1552 Ivan the Terrible captured Kazan. Interesting legend relate to this fact. According to legend, Ivan the Terrible felt in love with princess Söyembikä after he saw her portrait. Then he ordered to conquer Kazan where Söyembikä lived. After the conquest Söyembikä agreed to marry tsar if he had built the tower in seven days. After tower was done, Söyembikä lifted on the top of the tower and threw down. At present time Söyembikä tower or Khan’s Mosque (it named after princess) stands in Kazan Kremlin, it is the one of the most famous landmark in Kazan.


Kazan Kremlin

Whitestone Kazan Kremlin was declare a World Heritage Site. After the Siege of Kazan all towers in Kremlin were rebuilt, mosques were ruined and orthodox churches appeared here. Since then eight towers survived.

Qol Sharif Mosque

Qol Sharif Mosque is the major mosque in Tatarstan, it is located in Kazan Kremlin. Kol Sharif impresses by its beauty. You can see its white minarets with blue tops just from the window of the train following to Kazan train station. The build of Qol Sharif Mosque finished in 2005; it was made from ural marble and granite. Part of the mosque is open for visitors. You can enjoy magnificent view of Qol Sharif from the Kazanka embankment.

The Temple of All Religions

There is a unique place in Kazan – Temple of All Religions. This architectural complex consists symbols of Muslim, Orthodox, Jewish churches and Buddhist religion. The build has not finished yet, an architecture plans to unite sixteen world religions in this project.

Palace of agriculturists

There is a modern building in the historical center of Kazan – Palace of agriculturists; it stands out for its original architecture. The agriculture Ministry of Tatarstan republic locates here.

Baumana street

Baumana street is the one of the eldest streets of city. This is pedestrian street, here you can have a tasty lunch in restaurants, admire the monuments and fountains, stroll through the souvenirs shops.

Tugan Avylym

“Tugan Avylym” (in translation to English – “Native village”) is another landmark situated in the center of Kazan. Here tourists can experience the life of villagers and taste Tatar national cuisine.


If you arrive in Kazan in summer you will be lucky to see the Tatar national festival called “Sabantuy”. On this day all citizens walking on the streets, different competitions held on the several special areas.


Island village Sviyazhsk located in 30 kilometers from Kazan. This is the ancient fortress founded by Ivan the Terrible for protection territories near Kazan. Since then, build of churches and monasteries started. Now from all over the world belivers come here to visit the eldest church in Sviyazhsk – Church of Nikolay Chudotvorets.

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