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Manpupuner Plateau


Manpupuner (Man-Pupu-Ner) Plateau

Manpupuner (Man-Pupu-Ner) Plateau also known as the Mansi Pillars or Mansi Idols or simple Pillars of Weathering. In the language of Mansi people it means “Mountain of Stone Idols”.

Manpupuner Plateau located in the Northern Ural, administratively in the Komi Republic, the Western (European) part of the chain of the Ural Mountains, which are geographic boundary between Europe and Asia, on the territory of the Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve.

Manpupuner (Mansi Pillars) represents by itself seven pillars with height from 30 to 42 meters located on top of the plateau. There were high mountains in this place many millions years ago. Impact of nature in the form of wind, sun, rain and snow inflict a devastating effect on weaker rocks especially, retain us the most solid quartzite slate in the form of pillars.

Like many worship places of the Northern and Subpolar Urals Manpupuner plateau covered with legends Mansi people who thought this place divine and worshiped him. Climb to the plateau of the ancient Mansi was strictly prohibited, to not disturb the Spirits of Manpupuner.

When you come around to the Mansi Pillars their fanciful shapes changes and depending on your location from pillars you will see them in different images, in the form of the animal’s head or a human figure or others.


To visit this natural wonder, considered one of the Seven Wonders of Russia, is necessary to get a pass in the administration of the Pechora-Ilych nature reserve.


Torre-Porre-Iz Plateau

There is another amazing place at 20 kilometers in a straight line of sight from the Manpupuner Plateau. This is Torre-Porre-Iz Plateau, known as the «City of Ghosts of Stones» as well. At Torre-Porre-Iz Plateau are many fanciful rock formations, resembling its shape and location ancient ruined city. Clearly visible «streets» are heading from the bottom to the top with its «quarters», «temples,» towers «. In some places the stones resemble human figures and animals with their forms.

These stone structures on Torre-Porre-Iz Plateau as well as the Pillars of Weathering on the Manpupuner Plateau formed under the influence of natural phenomena for many Millennia.