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Northern Ural Fishing


Northern Ural Fishing

North Sosva River

North Sosva with 754 km long is one of the largest rivers in the Northern and Subpolar Urals. It originates in the spurs of the Ural Mountains, a ridge which is a border between Europe and Asia, collecting the waters of clear mountain rivers and brings them into one of the three great Siberian Rivers the Ob. The riverbed is much ramified and has numerous channels and islands.
In the upper flowing of the Northern Sosva depth is small, no more than 1 meter, whereas rhe width sometimes reaches till 100 m. There are numerous riffles and shoals.
In the middle flowing of river already deep, from 2 to 8 meters and width of up to 500 meters in some places.
In the lower flowing Northern Sosva runs among a large number of canals, with a variety of islands and branches. The depth in some places already reaches up to 18 meters.

It can be said that fishing on the North Sosva refers to the category of trophy fishing. This area is known for its trophy pike, specimens of which sometimes occur up to 15 kilograms.
Pike with weight up to 5 kilograms even do not cause wild delight. Also fishing in the North Sosva is remarkable that there is a large number a whitefish: such as muksun, nelma, peled etc.

Fishing on the North Sosva is a real hit in tours on the rivers of Northern Urals.
Thanks to the beauty of the river, combined with a quite comfortable condition for tourism and the possibility to satisfy the ardor of experienced fisherman, fishing on the North Sosva keeps on an unforgettable impression.


Lyapin (Khulga) River

Lyapin River is the largest tributary of the North Sosva. That is formed by the confluence of the rivers Khulga and Schekurya that carry their water from the top of Polar and Subpolar Urals.
Liapin River flows administratively on territory of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District –Yugra (Western Siberia).
In general, many of the Northern, Subpolar and Polar Urals have double names. Liapin River is no exception, and many locals called it as Khulga.
In the lower flowing Lyapin (Khulga) River current is quite calm, about 1 km/h, while upper flowing of the river it is up to 5 km/h. There are fairly large villages in the lower reaches or river such as Saranpaul and Lombovozh is found on the banks.
In the upper reaches of the Lyapin (Khulga) River grayling is found. In the middle and lower reaches the main fish are: pike, perch, burbot, ide, etc. Fishing trips for trophy pike (10-15 kg) are organized in the lower and middle reaches of the Lyapin (Khulga) River.