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Novosibirsk is the administrative center of Siberian Federal District as well as of the science, culture and industry of Siberia. There are many parks, squares, fountains and cultural and educational institutions in this city.

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Russian settlers came here in the beginning of 16th century, later the fortification appeared. Since the end of 19th century Transsiberian Railway build started, this fact contributed to development of Novonikolaevsk, which were renamed to Novosibirsk under the Soviet rule.


“Novosibirsk Glavniy”

The building of the railway station “Novosibirsk Glavniy” is the one of the most beautiful construction in the city. It was built in 1939 year. Model of the steam train “Provorniy”, which was explored in 1840th on Tsarskoselskaya railway, stands near the station.


Several bridges were built across the Ob’ river, where the city is located; by the way, the appearance of Novosibirsk started with the building of bridge. Here is the longest metro bridge in the world, its length equals to 2145 meters. Kommunalniy (Communal) bridge is the first built bridge in city for automobiles, pedestrians and trams. Another one is Komsomolskiy Railway Bridge, it is the part of Transsiberian railway.

“One-Hundred-Apartment House”

The city stands out for its architecture. In Sverdlov square stands “One-hundred-apartment house”. It wined the Grand Prix on The Paris international exhibition of arts and technology in 1937 year.

Monument and Sculptures

Numerous sculptures and monuments decorate Novosibirsk. Besides monument to historical persons (Lenin, Russian writers, Alexander III), here are many unusual sculptures such as monument to businesswoman, to traffic light, academic mouse and so on.


Where to go in Novosibirsk? Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater takes the first place by area among all Russian theatres. The main construction of the theatre is the big dome, which can cover the Bolshoi in Moscow. Novosibirsk Globus Theatre also attracts the attention of visitors.

Novosibirsk Zoo

Children will like the zoo, it is the one of the biggest in Russia. More than 700 types of animal presented here.

Surroundings of Novosibirsk

Akademgorodok (academic town) located 30 kilometers of the city (academic town), it is the educational and scientific center of Siberia. It was founded in 1957, engineers planed to minimize damage to environment while the build. It surrounded by a birch and pine forest on the shore of the Ob Sea.