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Polal Ural


Polal Ural
The Polar Ural is the most northern part of Ural Mountains, a ridge is a border between Europe and Asia. There are less and less places remains on the Earth where no man has gone before, the Polar Ural still one of them. Just imagine, once you there, nobody will close to you hundreds of kilometers away, except for inhabitants of wildlife, of course.
The Polar Ural is located on a territory that belongs to such regions or Russia as Republic of Komi (European part) and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (Asian part). This is one of the most elevated part of the Ural Mountains. Peaks are towering ridges to 1100-1300 m above sea level, and some mountain peaks even greater.
Severe, but majestically beautiful nature of this region, called the Polar Urals. Turbulent and swift rivers, streams rushing waterfalls, tranquil lakes with crystal clear water which reflects the turquoise sky, pristine primeval forests in the south, mountain meadows and bluish distances of ridges will remain forever in your memory since you’ll visit the Polar Ural.

You can meet moose, wolverine, wolf, bear, fox, hare and still wild reindeer everywhere. Such wildfowl as capercaillie, black grouse, grouse and partridges freely allow to hunter to get close to it.
Rivers and lakes of the Polar Urals still abound with fish — grayling, taymen (big Siberian trout) and other rare species for the rest of Russia. And of course many berries and mushrooms ripen with the end of summer in these places!
Polar Ural is known for its very rough, sharply continental climate. Winters are long in the Polar Ural with its strong frosts. The average temperature in January about -21-22°C. Spring comes late and does not long. Short summer begins in June and has light day and night for a whole month; the sun hangs in the sky day and night.
The average July temperature in the foothills is + 10 °, + 12 °. In the mountains, the snow comes down mainly to the end of June, and falls again in September. Several days of hot weather, when the temperature can exceed 30 °, can be changed to cold snap easily accompanied by strong wind and rain and hail.
Despite the harsh climate, the Polar Ural, and its southern part especially, is quite popular among the lovers of skiing, hiking, trekking, water tourism and extreme sports.

Polal Ural Fishing
Polar Ural Rivers is still rich with fish. The main fish in this region of mountain rivers — a grayling. This gentle silvery fish, weighing up to 2 kg, is found in clean rivers only. It is very voracious and even enough empty hook wrapped with a bright thread («fly») to catch a fish. Especially good a grayling can be caught in August. At this time, the water warms up in the rivers and the largest specimens of fish go up in the colder waters of mountain river sources. Grayling can be caught in the riffles and rifts perfectly.
During our tour Polal Ural Fishing, our professional chief-cooker will delight you with exquisite delicacies of this fish.
In some rivers of the eastern part of the Polar Ural a raptorial taymen (big Siberian trout) can be caught. This is the biggest fish of salmon kind reaching 1.5-2 meters in length and 60-80 kilos. Taymen likes spots above the riffles and confluence of other rivers and pecks there very well. This kind of fish is listed in the Red Book of Russia, so the principle of “catch — photographed — let go” must be followed strictly.
Other types of fish which found in rivers and lakes of the Polar and Subpolar Urals are able to excite the imagination of the angler also. Humpback whitefish, ide, pike, perch, white salmon, whitefish, peled — each of these rare titles may adorn the menu of any fine restaurant. The area north of Russia will not leave without a trophy or a beginner or an experienced fisherman.