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Subpolar Ural


Subpolar Ural (Ural Mountains)
Subpolar Ural is the highest region of the Ural Mountains, a ridge which is a border between Europe and Asia. Northerly Subpolar Ural has a border with the Polar Ural, in the south with the North Ural.
The western slopes of the Subpolar Urals is the administrative territory of the Republic of Komi. There is National Park «Yugyd Va» situated in this area. This name is translated from the language of people Komi as «Clear Water». To access the National Park «Yugyd Va» you have to get a permit. The territory of the national park is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The eastern part of the Subpolar Ural located on the administrative territory of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous-Yugra.

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The climate is sharply continental in Subpolar Ural with harsh, long winters and short, cool summers. Summer comes late in this region. In May — June are often snows and frosts. Warm and sunny days in the mountains come in the second half of June. Summer lasts just over two months, from the second half of June to the end of August. July — the hottest month in the Subpolar Ural. In the most warm days the temperature reaches 35 ° C. Averages from +15 to + 20 ° C. Early August is considered the most favorable month for a visit Subpolar Ural. At that time weather kept warm and there is practically no midges (gnats). In summer and autumn weather in the mountains can change quickly within a few hours.
In rivers and lakes Subpolar Ural are still a lot of fish. The main fish in this region of mountain rivers — a grayling. This gentle silvery fish, weighing up to 2 kg, is found only in rivers with clean water. In the forests of the Subpolar Ural can meet moose, wolves, bears, foxes, hares. Such wildfowl as capercaillie, black grouse, grouse and partridges allow to hunter to get close to it freely.
Tours to Subpolar Ural (Ural Mountains) are popular primarily for its mountain trails for hiking. And of course fishing and rafting.
The main peaks of Subpolar Ural (Ural Mountains).
Mountain Nàroda is the highest point in the chain of the Ural Mountains. Height -1894 m.
Mountain Karpinskogo — the second highest peak of the Ural Mountains. Height -1878 m. Named after the famous Russian geologist A.P. Karpinski.
Mountain Mansi-ner (peak Mansi). Height -1778 m.
Mountain Manaraga. Height -1662 m. The most beautiful and famous mountain, whose name is known to many residents of the Urals, and even beyond, but not many people can tell you where is it :). From Nenets people language its name translates as «bear’s paw».
Almost all of Subpolar Ural mountains available for climbing.
There are about 50 glaciers in the Subpolar Urals, although their sizes are not too big. The largest is the Mansi glacier and the Gofman glacier, 0.7 and 0.4 square kilometers respectively.