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Urals river rafting

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Urals river rafting

Have you wondered how can you spent your weekend in Russia? Maybe you spent a lot of time in Internet searching “weekend getaway to Russia”.

River rafting is a great solution.

There are many rivers in Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk Oblast, Perm Krai (it means Region, same like Oblast) and Bashkortostan, perfectly appropriate both for the rafting and for the family vacation. Rivers are full of perch, pike, zander, trout (in headwaters) and grayling.

Let’s pay an attention only for the most interesting and popular rivers for rafting.

Chyusovaya River

Chyusovaya River – one of the most beautiful river in Urals, which have relation to interesting historical facts, happened in our country. Its length is 592 kilometers. It flows through Chelyabinsk oblast (20 km), Sverdlovsk oblast (377 km) and Perm krai (195 km) and fall into the Kama river. Many settlings located along the Chyusovaiya, there are four towns: Revda, Pervouralsk, Chyusovoy and Polevskoy. There is a village called Sloboda on the river coasts with rich history and beautiful church – Church named after St. Georgiy Pobedonosets (St. George Victorious).

First settlements appeared here in 16th century, they were in possession of industrialists Stroganovs. Cossack Yermak (conquest of Siberia) started military expedition to Siberia from Chyusovaiya with his squad. This is the only river, which crosses the Ural Mountains; it flows from Asia to European part of Russia.

Before railroad appeared, barges with iron products went down the river from Ekaterinburg to Perm. Later, the possession of famous manufacturers Demidovs appear on the riverside.

There are picturesque rocks along the coasts of Chyusovaiya; all of them have its own name and legend. Some of them reach 115 meters in height. As you climb it, you can have an amazing scenery.

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Vishera River

Vishera flows in Perm Krai, it is the left tributary of Kama river; the length of riverbed is 415 kilometers. In headwaters, many rifts will appeal to fans of extreme. Further river become calm and you don’t need a special technique for rafting. There was a deposit of diamond in Vishera watershed. The largest settlements are Krasnovyshersk town, Velse and Vaiya villages, where tourists usually starts the rafting.

Here you can see the pisanitsas (areas on the rock with ancient petroglyphs): Mohovoy and Pisaniy stones. On Pisaniy Stone archeologists found ancient altar, which is several thousand years old. The giant Vetlan Stone will impress the raftsmen. It extends along the river for 1750 meters; its height reaches 100 meters. An interesting legend about epic heroes Polude and Vetlan and beautiful Vishera associated with this place.

In front of the Vetlan artificial islands elevate in the middle of the river. Prisoners of the Gulag used them for timber sorting for paper mill.

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Belaya River

Belaya River is the largest tributary of Kama, its length is 1430 kilometers, and it flows through the Bashkortostan republic. Bashkirs named it Agidel, it translates from Bashkirian “white river”. Tourists without special preparation can afford rafting here.

The riverhead is near the mountain Iremel, it is the second highest point of the Southern Ural and it is popular among hikers. Ufa city, Beloretsk and Ishimbay town stand on Belaya River. In the Ufa city, you can admire sightly bridges over the river.

Along the coasts in the headwaters there are many caves; the most popular is Kapova (Shulgan Tash), you can see rock paintings there. For interested in river rafting in Bashkortostan – rafting on Belaya is an excellent option!

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Ufa River

Ufa or Karaidel is the right tributary of Belaya River, its length is 918 kilometers, and it covers Chelyabisk, Sverdlovsk oblasts and Bashkortostan republic. Karaidel in translation from Bashkirian means “black river”. Big towns such as Nyazepetrovsk, Krasnoufimsk locates near Karaidel, Ufa city is on the riverhead.

Karaidel surrounded by rock, steep stonewalls and caves: Alikaev, Sem’ Bratiyev (Seven Brothers), Zhyoltiy (Yellow) stones, Tyoplaiya Cave (Warm Cave) and many others. The river known for its good fishing.

In 13 kilometers from village Sargaya there is an interesting place called “Gorevka”. After the revolution in 1917, some of those who didn’t want to accept soviet power escaped there. Then no one knows what happened to them. Now there are only a big clearing near the river and a couple of ruined buildings.

There is a radon spring on the bottom of the small lake near Gorevka.

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Ay River

Ay is the left tributary of Ufa in Chelyabinsk oblast and Bashkortostan; it is 549 kilometers long. The city of Zlatoust, town of Kusa and Mezhevoy are along the river.

Ay rafting is popular for its numerous attractions; cave city, consisting from 43 caverns, is the most known attraction. Chyortov Palets (Devil’s Finger) and Black Rocks offer a scenic view for AyRiver and surrounding mountain ranges. On the stonewalls of Vanyashkinskaya and Mezhevskaya Pisanitsa you can see petroglyphs of ancient people.

Artesian fountain is another one landmark of the Ay River. It gushes to a height of five meters.

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We hope that we answered your question how to spend weekends and how you can organize your weekend trip.

Call or write to us for consultation. We will answer your questions about river rafting with pleasure. A consultation is free.